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About Us

Costa Rica Undiscovered, originally Solimar Travel, was created in 2004 by a group of people that share a love for travel and the places we visit.  Collectively we have traveled around the world as backpackers, adventures, students, volunteers, honeymooners, parents, and consultants.  The company was by founded by two friends from the US who met while studying ecotourism in Costa Rica and later expanded to include partners from Costa Rica, the UK, and Bolivia. 

Over the years we have been blessed with the support of a dedicated staff, friends, family, and many volunteers that have helped us grow the organization to a world-class travel company.   In 2006 National Geographic Adventure Magazine recommended us as “One of the best customized travel planning companies in Costa Rica”. 

Originally we began as a sustainable tourism-marketing firm, providing video, photography, and web design services to small ecolodges and community based tourism organizations throughout Costa Rica, but as the company grew we realized the best way to help these businesses access the market was if we brought the market to them.  This combined with a constant request from our friends to help plan vacations to the places we knew so well, helped launch the company.


Mr. Tico

mr-ticoIn 2011, we have now expanded our range of services through a strategic allienace with Mr.Tico, a group of travel specialists who will be in charge of designing our travel experiences. We have identified them as the most reliable and professional travel designers in the country and is for that reason that we are funelling all our new trips with them.


Learn more about Mr. Tico in our partners section.


  • Photography: We want to give special thanks to our friend Greg Basco for his great photographs, which you can appreciatte in this site's home page banner. Visit his Deep Green Photography website.


Costa Rica Undiscovered is a proud member of Sustainable Travel International and has established an alliance with Rainforest Alliance to work with suppliers in Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism


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