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Costa Rica Undiscovered

Costa Rica has been discovered. Almost 2 million visitors a year come to our peaceful nation to enjoy our world class beaches, famous tropical rainforests, cloud forests, volcanoes, and amazing wildlife. Unfortunately our popularity has also caused some people to think that Costa Rica is too developed and there are very few places that are "off the beaten path" or undiscovered. Luckily this is not true and with a little help from our website and our travel consultants we can help you experience the authentic Costa Rica.


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Costa Rica Undiscovered
, formerly Solimar Travel, is a different type of travel company; designed by travelers for travelers. We provide unbiased travel advice, and customized travel planning to help you plan and book a vacation to Costa Rica. We also pride ourselves in offering sustainable travel to Costa Rica. We will help connect you with hotels and tour operators certified by the Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism (CST) Certification Program ensuring your vacation supports local communities and minimizes your environmental footprint

We know that you want to be part of the planning process; this is why our site is designed to provide you with detailed information about the destination. We also know that you expect excellent customer service before, during, and after your vacation; this is why we provide a dedicated travel consultant to help you plan your experience and are on-call during and after your vacation.






Costa Rica Undiscovered is a proud member of Sustainable Travel International and has established an alliance with Rainforest Alliance to work with suppliers in Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism


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