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Getting Around feed

Although a small country in area, getting from one place to another in Costa Rica can be a little tricky - a 50 miles trip can take up to 2 hours.  Costa Rica's roads are famous for its pot holes, lack of signage and fierce style of driving of us 'ticos'.

Below you will find some transportation planning tools depending on your adventurous spirit. If your vacation is more geared into relaxing and letting go, we can offer you private transportation where you will leave all the worries to us. If you are more of a self-traveler there are many options for car rentals, so you can control your own driving experience. If patience is not your biggest quality there are always domestic flights offered from almost all regions of our country.

Choose one or choose can fly to one region and have your private driver waiting for you. Or drive yourself to different destinations and at the end relax and fly back to enjoy your last night in Costa Rica...


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